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Tuesday ‘Pop-in’ Day 12 Week Programme
A 12 week education programme for the newly diagnosed cancer patient, those receiving treatment for cancer and the initial post-treatment period, the aim of which is to provide information and promote wellbeing.

Week 1        Holistic assessment of needs

Week 2        An introduction to mindfulness

Week 3        The emotional effects of cancer

Week 4        Skin, nail and hair care during cancer treatment

Week 5        Symptom management

Week 6        Complementary therapies for relaxation

Week 7        Fatigue management

Week 8        Stress management

Week 9        Healthy eating to improve the immune system

Week 10      Sexuality and altered body image

Week 11      Adapting to life after cancer treatment

Week 12      Re-assessment and evaluation programme

10:30am    Chair Based Exercises
11:30am    Education Topics
12:30am    Lunch

Individual patient review by Registered Nurse.

• Meditation
• Mindfulness
• Guided Visualisation

Complementary therapy
• Reiki
• Facials
• Manicures
• Makeovers

Private counselling available by appointment.
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