Stories from Patients & Families

Stories from our patients

Jane’s story

Jane has been coming to the Hospice for just over 4 months. Her husband was poorly and she wasn’t able to get out much. Someone at the hospital recommended the Hospice and Jane has not looked back.

She loves coming to the Hospice and has learnt so much about how to cope with her condition and it’s symptoms, as well as learning what else is available to help her. She has found being able to chat to others in a similar position invaluable and finds the nursing staff approachable, friendly and caring. Jane says that keeping her brain active doing the afternoon crosswords and quizzes is brilliant and when she goes home she feels proud of herself for having achieved something positive in the day. Jane looks forward to coming to the Hospice every week to meet up with her new friends and says that every week she has a real laugh.

Jane loves the 3 course meal home cooked on site and says it is something she looks forward to every week. Even her husband has noticed a change in Jane, saying that she seems a lot happier when she has been at the hospice.

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Quotes from some of our patients

“Amazing, kind people that support and help a person through illness, they gave me a safe place to express myself and meet like-minded people while going through after effects of cancer treatment.”

“Lovely place, having counselling with a lovely lady who makes me feel relaxed and able to open up whilst dealing with cancer.”

“All friends and family said that I am a different person when I’ve been to Bedford Daycare Hospice. I have a feeling of being loved and part of a family. Also, GP has commented on my improvement in general wellbeing.”

“The Bedford Daycare Hospice really helps me, I look forward to the sessions and really benefit from the advice given and the discussions between other sufferers from cancer.”

“It has been beneficial to my wellbeing as I don’t feel so alone with my cancer by meeting with other patients.”

“I live alone. The Hospice has really made a great difference to me.”

“The comradeship is really important. It is interesting coming to the Hospice!”

“It gives me a reason to get up on a Monday and is so nice to know that someone cares for me. It shows me there is help out there in the community for those that need it. The Hospice retains a real personal touch.”

“It is a dream come true- everyone is so lovely at the Hospice. The nurses and volunteers are all there for you. It’s great to meet people in the same situation – I really look forward to it.”