Bedford Daycare Hospice

Who We Are

Bedford Daycare Hospice is an award-winning independent charity based in the heart of Bedford. We provide individualised holistic care to patients living with a life-limiting condition, from the point of diagnosis through treatment to remission or palliative care.

Our nursing team, volunteers and therapists provide specialist care, holistic treatments and emotional support for patients and their carers on a daily basis.

We raise the majority of our funding through the kindness and generosity of our donors. Even a small contribution helps us to provide vital support to our patients. Every penny raised through our range of fundraising events goes towards caring for our patients.

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Our Merger with Keech Hospice Care

It has been announced that Keech Hospice Care and Bedford Daycare Hospice are merging as of June 2023.

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Bedford Daycare Hospice is an independent charity which works with other organisations to provide care to patients within our community.  We work to ensure that everyone affected by a life-limiting diagnosis, death and bereavement can get access to the care and support they need, when they need it.

We provide our services to adults over the age of 18. We offer our patients a relaxed, homely environment away from the clinical setting, where the focus of the Hospice is always on the individual and their health and well-being.

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Patient Testimonials

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"It is a dream come true- everyone is so lovely at the Hospice. The nurses and volunteers are all there for you. It’s great to meet people in the same situation – I really look forward to it"
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"Amazing, kind people that support and help a person through illness, they gave me a safe place to express myself and meet like-minded people while going through after effects of cancer treatment."
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"Lovely place, having counselling with a lovely lady who makes me feel relaxed and able to open up whilst dealing with cancer."
Martin R
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"All friends and family said that I am a different person when I’ve been to Bedford Daycare Hospice. I have a feeling of being loved and part of a family. Also, GP has commented on my improvement in general wellbeing."
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"The Bedford Daycare Hospice really helps me, I look forward to the sessions and really benefit from the advice given and the discussions between other sufferers from cancer."
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"It has been beneficial to my wellbeing as I don’t feel so alone with my cancer by meeting with other patients."
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“I live alone. The Hospice has really made a great difference to me.”
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“The comradeship is really important. It is interesting coming to the Hospice!”
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“It gives me a reason to get up on a Monday and is so nice to know that someone cares for me. It shows me there is help out there in the community for those that need it. The Hospice retains a real personal touch.”

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