Eric’s Story – Getting my House in Order

Eric is a former amateur bodybuilder and Bedfordshire’s first Black male officer.  From 1979 he served 42 years in the police force, including five years undercover and twelve years as a Police Civilian Staff specialising in covert policing, fraud and financial investigation. 

In 2016, Eric was diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma.  He is currently writing his memoir ‘Getting my House in Order’, a series of e-books, and Eric hopes that by sharing his story he might help others, and to raise money for cancer research and care. 

Eric is raising funds for local and regional cancer charities, one of which is Bedford Daycare Hospice.  Eric attends our Cancer Support group in Bedford and says; 

“It is a venue where there is a common denominator -everyone in attendance has an ailment and are more than happy to share their experiences with other attendees.  In my case I have been informed I am a very good listener and am able to put other cancer victims at ease”.  

“I find that having reflexology, counselling and attending yoga classes at the Hospice puts my body, soul and state of mind in a healthier place.” 

We would like to thank Eric for his fantastic fundraising efforts.  We were delighted to recently present Eric with a certificate in recognition of our appreciation of the £500 he has raised for Bedford Daycare Hospice.  The funds will be used to support the delivery of our patient care services to those in need within our community. 

Learn more about Eric’s story and his on-going fundraising efforts; 

A donation of £4 or more entitles you to an e-copy of Eric’s books 1 & 2 and a hard copy of either. 

To support the project and order a copy, visit the GoFundMe page

Our Cancer Support services at Bedford Daycare Hospice are available to help and support our patients through every stage of their Cancer journey, from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

We can offer complementary therapies such as reiki, massage and reflexology, and chair-based yoga run by a therapist trained in cancer rehabilitation. We also have a counsellor who we can refer people to who need support to deal with their condition.

Our free drop-in Cancer support group runs every Friday from 10am. This service is accessible via referral from a Healthcare professional or you can self-refer. We also offer education, talks and one-to-one support to aid with any concerns that individuals might be facing arising from a cancer diagnosis.

If you or someone you know needs support following a cancer diagnosis, we can help.

Call our team on 01234 352015 for more information or click the link below.