The Power of Music

#Music Therapy: The Power of Music in supporting patients with a life-limiting illness – YouTube

Music has the power to move us emotionally and to transport us back to a special moment or time in our past.  

It enables us to connect with others and it is one therapy in which individuals can communicate without the need for verbal skills.  

Above all music can bring us joy.🤩  

But did you know it can also promote healing?  

Music can be used to actively support people in improving their health, functioning and well-being. 

That’s the beauty of music therapy – it uses the therapeutic properties of music to address physical, emotional, and cognitive needs. Whether playing an instrument, singing, moving to music or just listening, music can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress, and even help with pain management.  

Just some of the benefits of music therapies for our patients include: 

⭐️ Social skills -can help make connections with others, supports participation at any level of illness, reducing social isolation and enabling non verbal communication. 

⭐️ Cognitive skills -can support improvements in concentration and attention span and facilitate working memory, envoked by songs, lyrics or pictures. 

⭐️ Motor functioning – with regular sessions, can help to improve gross/fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, as well as following instructions to keep time/ beat 

⭐️ Emotional – can provide an outlet to understand and express emotions or to develop emotional regulation strategies, if needed.  

⭐️ Psychological-can help to increase self-confidence, create an environment to articulate creativity and reduce anxiety. 

⭐️Physical -playing an instrument or movements to music, can also provide a good work out, helping with healthy heart rate, blood pressure and improved wellbeing. 

One of our wonderful patients enjoying a music therapy session at Bedford Daycare Hospice.🎶 🎤🥁. Each session is adapted to allow everyone to participate with singing, moving or playing a wide variety of musical instruments as much as they wished.

Our Health and Wellbeing programme at Bedford Daycare Hospice provides support for patients and their families with the day-to-day challenges faced with a life-limiting illness. We offer support from point of diagnosis, through treatments and beyond.  

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